Tweet When I received the email from Alice Chiou a few days ago about Transitions Online Orientation with Bonnie Gallagher, I thought, great! I’m a Transitions Lifestyle Coach myself, and thanks to TLS, I’ve shaded some pounds off four years ago and have kept it that way since then. However, I have never had time […]


Tweet In the past few days, we have watched three of the TLS videos. Today, we will listen to Coach Lydia Martinez, on how did they come up with the tls Shape Up idea. Kirt Zorzi is from Galloway, New Jersey. If you listen to his story, in only 7 months, he lost 80 lbs […]

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I don’t know who that woman is.

by drt February 28, 2011

Tweet Those were the words from one of the participants in her testimonial after completing the Transitions™ Lifestyle System weight management program. I know. Many of you may still puzzle, what is actually this TLS program? I found there is a short video explaining exactly what the TLS is. However, this video was made before […]

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High Road School TLS Shape Up’s Success Story

by drt February 27, 2011

Tweet In the last post, I have promised to post more videos on Transitions Lifestyle System (TLS) that has affected so many people’s life. Here is the second video in the series. I hope you’d enjoy watching it, and if you know any kids or the parents of the kids that have a problem with […]

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Watching TLS Shape Up – The Big Issue video

by drt February 19, 2011

Tweet TLS stands for Transitions Lifestyle System – a Market America’s weight management program that has changed so many people’s life as you can find by surfing through the testimonials on this site. I admit that I haven’t worked on this blog for a long time due to other commitments. But from now on, I’m […]

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Pomegranate Juice May Lower Your Blood Pressure

by drt August 7, 2010

Tweet I love to eat pomegranate, since I was a kid. However, the stickiness of the juice and the stain it could cause to my cloth have prevented me to select them over other fruits. It was not until recently that I started to eat the pomegranate again. One day I was in the grocery […]

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