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ED and Heart Health

Tweet While thinking to write about this topic, I went through the index pages of a few medical reference books to find out what did the experts said about ED. Here is the list of what I’ve found: Robert E. … Continue reading

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Does Preparation H reduce the Puffiness in the eyes?

Tweet I didn’t make up this question. I came across this draft in my other blog and had a chance to review the video again before posting it here. A viewer of Dr. Izzy’s Sunday Housecall program had emailed and … Continue reading

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Noli Me Tangere — Touch Me Not

Tweet Did you know that in the United States alone, 30 – 45 million women suffered from low sexual drive? At first I thought this number comes from the number of menopausal women. According to Wikipedia there are some 76 … Continue reading

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Welcome to My Wellness Blog

Tweet For those of you who has landed on this page by accident, please check my post in A Tanone Dot Net for the reasons why I have created this new blog so I don’t need to repeat the story … Continue reading

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