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One more reason to take Omega-3 daily

Tweet Back in September 2009, Dr. Izzy said in this video that everybody should take omega-3 supplement daily. On Sunday, Dr. Izzy added one more reasons for people to take omega-3 in a regular basis, especially for those who are … Continue reading

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Surviving A Heart Attack

Tweet Last Monday, I bumped into my colleague F on my way out from our office building. F just came back to work after surviving a heart attack last month. We were so happy for the fact that we were … Continue reading

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Smoking May Hurt You in Bed – My Favorite Quit Smoking’s Story

Tweet Quit smoking is tough. I know that because I went through that process a few times when I was young. I still remember the date when I quit for good. It was March 11, 1986. For Indonesians under Soeharto’s … Continue reading

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Have you ever heard about this new kind of Encephalitis?

Tweet After reading Kiera Echols’ Nightmarish Tumor story and watching her video on youtube this morning, these questions keep popping up in my mind. But first, let’s follow Kiera’s story. Kiera is 22. In early November, she went to the … Continue reading

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