7 years ago doctors said he only had 3 years left – Dr. Shu’s cancer fighting journey (2)

Doctors wanted him to have surgery in the last step of his 3rd stage colorectal cancer treatment. But he refused.

After he went through the initial panic stage knowing that he had cancer, Dr. Shu started to learn about how to fight cancer. During that time he learned that the Qigong or Chinese breathing exercise would help the cancer patient to strengthen their immune system and recover from cancer.

He also found many amazing testimonials from cancer survivors that had practiced diligently Ping Shuai Gong — a simple but very powerful Qi-gong (Chi Kung) exercise.

He then signed up to learn how to do Ping Shuai Gong.

On the first day when he signed up at the Taichung Meimen Dojo, and explained the reasons why he wanted to join, one of the instructors told him that he would not need to have surgery if he could diligently perform the exercise daily.

Soon after that, when he refused the surgery, doctors told him that, without surgery, he would only have 3 more years to live.

One Director of a Surgical Department of a famous hospital in Taiwan even wrote an open letter in a local newspaper. He contended that Dr. Shu being a well trained doctor in Western Medicine yet refusing to get a surgery, was setting a bad example for society. He said, the first year, you could get away with it. The second year, the cancer would recur. The third year, you would be gone.

But Dr. Shu survived without surgery to tell his story in 2 books. Every day he spent two hours to do Ping Shuai Gong religiously in conjunction with his naturopathy cocktail treatment.

Seven years have passed and since then and Dr. Shu has consulted and treated thousands of cancer patients in his newly built Naturopathy Cancer Treatment Center.

You can watch the second part of the Interview by Ms. Gao Wenying of Eranews TV from the video shown in the sidebar, where Dr. Shu continues to tell his journey on fighting cancer, or you may click here to open the English translation of the subtitle of the video. You will find how did Dr. Shu overcome all the difficulties and survive.

If you haven’t watched the first video, click here, then downlink the English transcript of that video there.

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  1. For those who are interested to find more info on Qi-gong, please check MD Anderson Cancer Center site. Please be aware that the newest references listed there was dated back to 2004. (Accessed May 28, 2010)
  2. Another source would be the pubmed site. “Qigong”+”Cancer” search produced 84 references including those published in 2010.
  3. As of July 4th, 2012, the search above produced 103 references.
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3 Responses to 7 years ago doctors said he only had 3 years left – Dr. Shu’s cancer fighting journey (2)

  1. Bob Ellal says:


    I used standing post qigong in my successful struggle against four bouts of supposedly terminal bone lymphoma cancer in the early nineties. I used it as an adjunct to chemotherapy. It calmed my mind, energized my body, and empowered my will to help beat the cancer and survive the chemotherapy of two bone marrow transplants. Clear 14 years and still practicing!

    Bob Ellal
    Author, ‘By These Things Men Live: Chronicles of a Four-Time Cancer Survivor’

  2. drt says:

    Thanks, Bob, for sharing. Amazing survivor’s story. 14 years is a long time for a cancer survivor, particularly with 4 bouts of bone lymphoma cancer. Congratulations.

    I love what you wrote about Qigong on your site. Hope my readers would visit to read more about Qigong there.

    Thank you, Bob.

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