My name is Aris Tanone, and I love blogging in my spare time.

Some of my former collegues still call me “Dr. T,” because of my previous work in the field of Optical Information Processing, many moons before I switched to work in aerospace industry. I’m not a medical doctor, and everything I post here is solely my personal opinion, based from what I read or from my personal experience, solely for information sharing purpose. My employer does not endorse what I write here.

In the past 4 years, I have maintained a personal blog, A Tanone dot Net which has evolved from a place to post my random thoughts to a place to post more on Wellness information. Accordingly, after reading Darren Rowse’s “31 Days To Build A Better Blog (Aff)”, I decided to concentrate on sharing with my readers, (general public) all the wellness info that crosses my path that in someway has affected my own health. For example, if I told my acquaintances a year ago that one day I’d be able to cross the finish line of a 5K run, no one would believe me since I was a known couch potato. But last October 31, I did it because of my passion to the wellness solutions to keep me away from doctors and hospital, as well as the good wellness program in my work place (Thanks to JG and the gang!).

That’s why I had added a new tagline to my personal blog, “Sharing wellness stories one at a time” to change that blog into a wellness blog. However, further reading the discussions in Problogger Forum and after receiving some feedback from other forum participants, I decided to create a new blog, and that’s how this blog comes into live. After almost two months online, today (May 19, 2010) I have changed the header image and reduce the tagline into “Simply sharing.”

My interest to wellness is not really new. In the past, I had also translated from Chinese to share with my readers some personal stories of Dr. David Shu in his fight against colon cancer. For example:

I have also embedded in my old blog many wellness related videos that some of my readers may not aware of. I hope with this new blog that is focussing on the new niche, I will build my readership, particularly for those who need a stepping stone to find more wellness info on the internet.

However, some of you may then ask, so what is the Wellness?

To answer that, I will cite what Paul Zane Pilzer wrote back in 2005, when he said, there’s a brand new industry that has nothing to do with sickness but is all about creating wellness.

  • Wellness doesn’t treat people who are sick or address illness.
  • Wellness is:
    • for people who are already well and who want to stay well,
    • slow down the aging process, or
    • keep from becoming customers of the sickness business.
  • Wellness is money you spend to make yourself feel healthier, even when you’re not “sick” by any standard medical terms.

Wellness, in Paul’s words is not the same as ‘healthcare’ as cited from the same article:

  • What we call the “health care” business is not really the health business but the sickness business.
  • Our medical industry today has very little, if anything, to do with health.
  • The $2 trillion we spend on medical care, which represents onesixth
    of the U.S. economy, is concerned with treating the symptoms of illness.
  • It has very little to do with preventing illnesses or with making people feel stronger or healthier.

As I learn more about wellness, I feel more passionate to write. Hopefully, by reading some of the info posted here, you may prepare yourself with more questions to ask, when you visit your doctor next time. After all, as far as your health or your wellness is concerned, your doctors are the best place to find the answer(s).

Thanks for your visit and good luck in your quest for wellness.

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  1. Melvin Hughes says:

    Wow, you really have got it going on. I can learn a lot from the master!

  2. drt says:

    I still need to learn a lot, Mel. Thanks for your visit. 🙂

  3. Keiji says:

    Hello, Aris from Sapporo.

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