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Pomegranate Juice May Lower Your Blood Pressure

Tweet I love to eat pomegranate, since I was a kid. However, the stickiness of the juice and the stain it could cause to my cloth have prevented me to select them over other fruits. It was not until recently … Continue reading

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Taking Resveratrol will reduce the risk of falling!

Tweet On July 15, after watching Dr. Rosenfeld’s Sunday Housecall program, a visitor found my old blog and left a comment there. This visitor thought Dr. Rosenfeld mentioned a supplement that would lower the blood pressure. I am really interested … Continue reading

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7 years ago doctors said he only had 3 years left – Dr. Shu’s cancer fighting journey (2)

Tweet Doctors wanted him to have surgery in the last step of his 3rd stage colorectal cancer treatment. But he refused. After he went through the initial panic stage knowing that he had cancer, Dr. Shu started to learn about … Continue reading

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Dr. Shu’s cancer fighting journey (1)

Tweet Dr. Shu is a famous neuro-surgeon from Taiwan. During his 30 years in practice, he has performed more than 10,000 brain surgeries. Then in 2002, he got 3rd stage colorectal cancer. The following is what Dr. Shu told Ms. … Continue reading

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What is postprandial?

Tweet During lunch today, I asked my colleague if he knew the meaning of the word ‘postprandial’? He shook his head and I said ok. If you are a new visitor to this site and have read most of the … Continue reading

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Glycemic index of brown, black and white rice

Tweet Being born and raised in Indonesia, white rice has been the main dish for almost my entire life. However, a few years ago my doctor warned me that she was going to prescribe some diabetic medications if I didn’t … Continue reading

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