Dr. Shu’s cancer fighting journey (1)

Dr. Shu is a famous neuro-surgeon from Taiwan. During his 30 years in practice, he has performed more than 10,000 brain surgeries. Then in 2002, he got 3rd stage colorectal cancer.

The following is what Dr. Shu told Ms. Gao Wenying, the host of Focus 360-degree Program of Era News TV in Taiwan, during a primetime interview.

He told her his recollection while he was staying in the hospital as a cancer patient receiving chemotherapy.

When I was in the hospital I saw so many cancer patients walking back and forth in front of me.

Do you know how a cancer patient looks?

  • Their hair has gone,
  • they wear masks,
  • they sit there listless.
  • Due to the chemotheraphy,their faces were blackened.
  • They couldn’t even smile, they looked very timid.
  • Even if they smiled, it was a bitter smile.
  • Many of them walked around bend from the waist, hunchbacked.
  • Their hands and feet were numb.
  • Then there was this targeted therapy and the patients’ faces were full of pimpels.

I saw the scary pictures of cancer. They were walking back and forth in front of me. I thought to myself:

  • Were these all the results of cancer?
  • Did cancer cause the hair loss?
  • Did cancer blacken your skin?
  • Did cancer take away your smile?
  • Did cancer make you so timid?
  • Did cancer cause you such a skin disease?

No, NOT at all!

Terrified, scared, worried, stressed, unable to sleep, unable to eat were the hardship that they were going through. Then in the hospital treatments: radiation therapy, chemotherapy, surgery and all these hardship added up to to cause them to become like that.

That was the epiphany at the end of my office visit to the hospital. When the doctor adviced me to go to get the operation, suddenly I realized the patient’s reality.

In the video shown in the sidebar below, Dr. Shu elaborated on how he came to a final decision to refuse the surgery, even though his doctor colleagues told him that he would not live longer than 3 years. That was 6 or 7 years ago; and much more.

You may get the English translation of the video subtitle by clicking the link. This is only the first of a three-part videos. Someone has divided the whole interview into 3 shorter parts and put it up in youtube. The total length of this first part video is 9:50 minutes.

I have translated the subtitle to share with my non-chinese speaking readers, particularly for all those whose life or someone they love’s life has been affected by cancer.

In his second book, Dr. Shu wrote a list of all the major type of cancers and what kind of treatments are most effective for a particular type of cancer.

That would be my next project when I finish translating the subtitle of the other two videos.

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List of additional readings:

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  2. Skin Reactions to Targeted Therapird. Accesed May 16, 2010.
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  2. Liew says:

    Thank you for the translation.
    I give a few talks every week on natural methods of treating cancer in Malaysia. If you have useful natural methods on treating cancer, please email me.
    Thank you

  3. Joan Ng says:

    I hv a recurring PPC undergoing chemo again. On Gemcitabine. I wd b most interested in natural treatments

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