ED and Heart Health

While thinking to write about this topic, I went through the index pages of a few medical reference books to find out what did the experts said about ED. Here is the list of what I’ve found:

  1. Robert E. Kowalski in his book, The Blood Pressure Cure said: ED or Erectile Dysfunction is a polite term for male impotence.
  2. Steven Lamm, M.D. in his book, The Hardness Factor said:
    • ED is defined as the consistent or recurrent inability to obtain or maintain a penile erection sufficient for sexual performance.
    • In the US, it’s estimated that 34% of men age 40-70 – about 20 million men suffer from significant level of ED. Unfortunately, 80% of them never seek treatment.
  3. Robert Rowan, M.D. in Control High Blood Pressure Without Drugs wrote that the study shows the category of impotence is divided into 3 treatment areas:
    • Physical causes which account for 85 – 90% of the problems,
    • Psychological causes: 10%, and
    • Undetermined origin: 5%.
  4. Andrew Weil, M.D. in his book, Natural Health, Natural Medicine — in contrast to what Dr. Rowan mentioned above, — wrote that ED is much more likely to have a psychological cause than the physical one. Then he mentioned about a simple test to differentiate the psychological from the physical impotence using a postage stamp test. No kidding. Here are the steps to follow:
    • Glue a strip of postage stamp ( not the self-adhering-kind) around the penis shaft before going to bed.
    • If the strip is intact in the morning, that means you haven’t had an erection during sleep, meaning something is wrong with the mechanics of the system, and you need to see a urologist for further diagnostic work. Dr. Weil also listed the common cause of this problem.
    • If the ring of stamps is broken, nothing wrong with your penis then you need to see a psychotherapist or sex therapist for counseling or therapy, since there is a broken signal between the brain and penis.

The question now, is this a problem of aging as we discussed when we talked about the lost of libido in women?

No, according to Dr. Steven Lamm. In the first paragraph of the section calls “The Big Lie: Only Old Men Limp Into That Good Night” in his book — The Hardness Factor, — Dr. Lamm wrote:

The prevailing myth is that younger men are immune to hardness concern. I’ve got a sobering news for you: they are not.

You may read further from Dr. Lamm’s book. What I’d like to emphasize here is the messages that most of these doctors have emphasized in their books. For example, Dr. Weil said:

ED is also a symptom of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, which can reduce the supply of the blood to the penis.

This topic came to mind, after watching Dr. Izzy’s video this morning saying that ED provides warning signs, and can be a predictor of a serious health conditions.

For years, Dr. Izzy said, doctors considered ED as largely psychological like what we read from Dr. Weil’s book. However, according to Dr. Izzy, ED is largely a matter of a problem of blood flow in the penis and in surrounding area. That problem with the arteries in the sexual area is also up to be present in the heart. Thus men who complaints about ED are also vulnerable to heart attack,…. Let’s us listen to what Dr. Izzy said:

I don’t expect that you will have these problems Dr. Izzy described above. However, if after watching this video, you are thinking of going to find the non self-adhering strips of postage stamps my friends, then you’d better talk to your doctor. If you happen to be the wife of this gentleman, then it’s your duty to encourage him to talk to his doctor, particularly you’d be the one to know the result first, whether the strip of stamps is intact or broken in the morning. 🙂 The complaint about the ED is a marker of a problem somewhere else, particularly a marker of vascular disease. Please listen to Dr. Izzy’s suggestion. However, joking aside, I understand that this is a topic that is hard to talk outside your doctor’s office. But if you have any general knowledge in conjunction with this topic that you think would benefits our readers, I will appreciate if you can share with us here.



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