How to reduce belly fat?

Every morning looking into the mirror, that little layer of fat in my belly still bothers me.

Thanks to the Transitions Lifestyle system, that layer is not as bad as it was 3, 4 years ago. Low glycemic index food, supplementations and exercise have added me unofficially into this list of Transitions Lifestyle Success Story. But I really want to see that last layer of fat melt away from my belly. 😆

A few weeks ago I asked my trainer in the gym about this fat and he said, “don’t worry, it’s only some skin.” Really? But hey, it’s my belly and I know there are at least 2, 3 lbs of fat there. I then asked him if I need to increase my ab exercise? No, he replied. “You really don’t need to worry but keep doing what you are doing now.” He was the one that set up the exercise routine in the gym for me last year. You will understand why I follow his suggestion, if you see how much progress I’ve made since I actively added the exercise into my Transitions Lifestyle routine. My steady body fat in the past four years has gone from 26.8% in 2007, up to 28.4 in 2008, then 25.4% in 2009 and down to 19.5% this year. Even the Wellness Manager in our company was so elated with that progress, and I’m going to get a reward for that next month. But that’s another story. :-)

This afternoon, I was checking what was on Dr. Izzy’s Sunday Housecall program since I missed it this morning, but I found this video instead. I thought, the first part of the video was really for me and I really loved to hear when she said: “Walking burns more fats from your stomach than pilates or other ab exercises!” Thank you Dr. Martica Heaner, thank you Julia.

Finally, this video seems to support my trainer’s suggestion. It also gives me the idea of what I need to do in order to cut that layer of fat off my belly. That’s why I’ve embedded it here to share with you all.

If you have any question or suggestion, please feel free to share with us here.

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