Pomegranate Juice May Lower Your Blood Pressure

I love to eat pomegranate, since I was a kid. However, the stickiness of the juice and the stain it could cause to my cloth have prevented me to select them over other fruits. It was not until recently that I started to eat the pomegranate again.

One day I was in the grocery store when I saw the large pomegranates on the store selves. At the edge of the self, there were brochures showing how to cut a pomegranate without staining your cloth. I thought, great! I then bought some and went home to try the technique I just learned.

These are the pictures that I posted in my Indonesian blog at that time. I also found a Youtube video that pretty much describes what the brochure said, and you may also find that video there.

Over the years, I have known that the pomegranate juice is good to our health. Wikipedia, Mayo Clinic, WebMD and even the National Geographic News provided all the pieces related to these benefits. Recently, each time when Dr. Rosenfeld mentioned that he is taking resveratrol daily, he kept mentioning that he was taking the one that is mixed with pomegranate powder. That has raised my curiosity to search further.

Today, while reading Dr. Sinatra and Dr. Roberts’ book on Reverse Heart Disease Now, I came across a section that listed three benefits of taking the 100% pomegranate juice. This is based on the result of a 2004 study in Israel. Here is what they conclude based on the study of a group of people taking 8 ounces of pomegranate juice daily for one to three years then compared it to a control group of non juice drinkers:

  • Systolic blood pressure of the juice drinkers dropped 20%
  • the oxidized LDL antibodies had a reduction of 19%
  • the thickness of the carotid artery walls had a reduction of 30% as compared to a 9% increase in the control group

Wouw! The 20% reduction of systolic blood pressure is great for me. That’s why I was thinking to go to the grocery store and start to drink 100% pomegranate juice daily.

For those who love to research the topic further, you may find the Abstract of the Israel group’s paper here, or get a copy of the paper here.


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