TLS Shape Up — The Idea

In the past few days, we have watched three of the TLS videos. Today, we will listen to Coach Lydia Martinez, on how did they come up with the tls Shape Up idea.

Kirt Zorzi is from Galloway, New Jersey. If you listen to his story, in only 7 months, he lost 80 lbs fat with 10 inches from his waist and 12 inches from his chest. That was back in February 2009 when he was on stage as shown in the video.

Please watch these videos, and I hope you will be convinced to tell your friends to come and watch all these TLS videos. I will embed more in the next few days.

Please leave me a note if you have any question.

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  1. Evette says:

    Amazing, I have no further question on this and I’m really convinced with the video it’s so great to see their changes! Very inspiring. I’ll look out for more of this! More power to you!

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