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For those of you who has landed on this page by accident, please check my post in A Tanone Dot Net for the reasons why I have created this new blog so I don’t need to repeat the story here.

Today, while I was wondering what to post as my first entry, I went to check the Alexa site to look at the historical data from my old blog there. While the Alexa Ranking is not in the position I’d like it to be, I’m sure it will come down as I put more attention to blogging and reinstall my Alexa Toolbar. But the result below is what I would like to see:


As you can see from this Top Queries result, for the Wellness Topic, Resveratrol related postings received the most visits outside WordPress topics, even though the share percentage is low. Unfortunately, the Resveratrol related posts were the victims of last October purge, and the new queries after October would not be able to find them so I guess this data has not been updated since then. That was why instead of writing a new post, I just went back to edit those private posts and make them public again. Here are the first 4 posts that I would like to share with y’all here:

This is my opening entry and together with the information provided in the ‘About’ page, you may guess what is the direction I’m going to or what are you going to find in this new blog. Note that the tagline, “Sharing Wellnes Info One Story At A Time” from my old blog has also been transfered to this blog. I know you may ask, why do we have 4 links instead of one story in this post? 🙂 The answer is, they all share the same mission. Inform the visitors of the need of taking the supplements.

Please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions that would make this blog a gateway to find more Wellness info in this cyber jungle.

Thanks for your visit!

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